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Vintage Tractor Engineer is often asked to recommend a good engine reconditioning shop for our DVD customers.  That’s easy if you live in the North East of England because we can recommend our local engineer who is very good, but what if you live in other parts of the world?

Can You Recommend An Engineer?

First of all, if you have an engineer in your area who you have found to do a good job then please leave your recommendation and their details in the comments box below.  This can be useful for anyone who is just starting out in the tractor restoration hobby.

Comiskey Engineering Works

We had an email recently from Robert Eakins.  Robert is one of our DVD customers and has used both the Engine Rebuild DVD and the Hydraulics DVD to renovate his FE35 Gold and Grey, Robert wrote…

“my FE35’s engine is totally rebuilt and running like a watch,hydraulic pump etc the same. Thank you very much for the help.”

Robert kindly went on to tell us about his local engineers, Comiskey Engineering Works, Mahon Industrial Estate, Portadown, Northern Ireland.  It was here that Robert had the major works done to the engine and also had the head bored for heater plugs…

“On the difficulty of starting the 23C engine, I thought you might like to know that I got the head bored for heater plugs by the same guys here in Portadown that did all the engine work.  It is a routine procedure for them,and they have a jig for it.  I then fitted Peugeot 106 heater plugs and Bingo! 3 seconds of heat and it starts no matter what!”

Comiskey come highly recommended by Robert and are able to do all routine engine work such as…

  • pressure testing
  • head skimming
  • valve and seats re-cut
  • crankshaft re-grinds
  • blocks re-bored
  • shim setting
  • rethreading
  • broken stud removal
  • aluminium and cast iron welding