MF 500 series

//MF 500 series

Massey Ferguson 590 (Perkins 4.248 Engine), Compression Test

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This is a rather interesting video looking at the compression testing of a Perkins 4.248 tractor engine.  This video is from Youtube user EngineerLikes Farming.  Vintage Tractor Engineer follows this channel and likes many of the videos.  We would recommend you subscribe too!

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It shows the compression measurement at […]

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Massey Ferguson 500 Series Wiring Diagrams

These wiring diagrams are for the 500 series Massey Ferguson tractors.

MF550, MF565, MF575, MF590

Click the link below to download the pdf wiring diagram…

MF500 Series Wiring Diagrams

The first diagram is of the main wiring. The second diagram is for the lights and warning lights wiring.

The electrical systems of these tractors are negative earth and charged by […]

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Fuel In Oil, Massey Ferguson 575

The oil level on this Massey Ferguson 575 suddenly rose up the dipstick.

The oil hadn’t gone the milky/creamy colour consistent with water getting into the oil, but had become ‘thinner’ and had a slight smell of diesel.  Clearly diesel was entering the oil, but where was it coming from?

In this case the fuel lift pump […]

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