How To Make An Exact Replica Of A Gasket

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We’ve all been here…
Upon dismantling a component we found the gasket was virtually disintegrated and a replacement was unavailable.  Not an uncommon problem when working with old tractors.
How to make a new one…
Jonathan has written in to describe a method which may be useful.

The problem is getting a good pattern to work from, so he […]

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Massey Ferguson Standard Torque Data

The torque requirements are only published for some of the tractor fixings.  Where there is no published figures, then Massey Ferguson issue standard torque data.

 The first figure listed in the rows below (bold type) is the nominal size in inches.
The second figure is the torque in lb-ft  of non-rigid joints, limited strength nuts and standard […]

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County Tractor Spares

We get lots of people asking us where to go for County tractor spares, so we’ve compiled a list.

If you supply County parts and wish to be added to the list then just leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.


A T Osborne Ltd, Wytchwood, Shelley Lane, Ower, Romsey, Hants. […]

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PAL Format

MF35 (3A.152) Engine Rebuild DVD


The above DVD’s are in PAL format, which means it will play in UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc.

If your country operates the NTSC DVD format (USA, Canada etc.) then you should read the following information…

The DVD will play on a computer with DVD playing software (available free from the internet […]

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Refurbishing Tractor Front Wheel Spindles

Hello Steve,
How would I go about putting new bushes and thrust bearings in the spindles on my FE 35 Grey/Gold?

Hi Richard,

Jack up the tractor and put it on stands to make it safe. Front wheels off.
Bolt completely out of arm on top of steering spindles (that connects the long drag link). Next tap […]

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Towing Off

The first thing to be aware of when towing off a tractor is that most machines with any hydraulic gear system (e.g. MF 165 with Multipower gearbox) cannot be towed off.

Tow at a reasonable speed on a firm road surface; not on loose surfaces such as gravel as they do not allow sufficient friction to […]

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White Field Boss 2-45 PTO Problem

I have a White 2-45 Field Boss tractor that is 1980’s era.

The main drive clutch and the PTO clutch were replaced last year however the PTO still dosen’t work properly. It seems like the PTO hydraulic clutch pack is not engaging fulley. The PTO spins my tiller however when you put it under load […]

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Owners of vintage tractors have been unable to purchase tractor vapourising oil (TVO) since 1974, when commercial production ceased. The only option has been for owners to mix their own (kerosene, petrol and diesel in differing quantities depending on your recipe). As kerosene is a rebated fuel, it has made it illegal to use the […]

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