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Quite simply, we’ve got a video here of the Standard 23C engine, cold starting from minus 6.7 degrees C.

This is the handy work of our friend Gunter.  Gunter was working on a friend’s MF35 engine, and Gunter says…

The glow candles go 1.2 cm into the antechamber and get red-hot in 5 seconds. I’m excited . I have had several types to test but these were the best. I also installed them in my second Goldy and I’m so happy. I got the test engine from a Fergy friend and rebuilt it. It’s not quite finished yet … there is also a tank and an engine cover on it. Your CD “MF 35 Engine Rebuild” helped me a lot with the resatoration of the engine. It’s a great CD. Kind regards> Günter … stay healthy.

Take a look at Gunter’s FE35 Golden Grey he restored previously.