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MF35X DIfferential Lock Pedal Seized

Want to check out our tractor maintenance videos? Click here to see what we've got!

We once made a little video of the diff-lock pedal mechanism, so thought it was worth putting it in here so you could understand how it works.  This may help you to understand what is going on if you have a stuck pedal.

The video was shot using a mobile phone (so apologies for the quality), […]

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Setting Valve Clearances – AD3.152 engine

Checking and setting the valve clearances is a job which often gets overlooked.  Over time, and with wear in the valve seats, the valve tip clearance becomes reduced.  For this reason, it is important to check the valve clearances.


For a full explanation of these procedures, you may find our Perkins A3.152 Engine Rebuild DVD useful.
The […]

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MF35 Timing Chain Replacement

This following question has been asked by someone who wishes to replace the timing chain on their Standard 23C engine.


The Question…
I am trying to read the lines between the Engine Rebuild DVD and the Workshop Manual on the subject of Timing Chain Replacement.

I am pulling off the front of my ’59 MF35 4 Cyl Diesel […]

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MF35 Draft Control Spring Nut


Hi folks,
Ihave 2 questions about the draft spring nut,
What is behind the grub screw on the side of the housing, I have to drill the screw out as the hex socket is rounded off and the screw is rusted in tight.
Also, is there a tool available to undo the nut or do i have […]

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23C Engine, Locating Timing Hole In Flywheel And Finding TDC

Paul has been having difficulty determining Top Dead Centre of his engine for timing purposes (or 16 degrees before TDC in the case of this engine).  His flywheel does not have the standard locating hole used for this, so what can he do?  Here is Paul’s question and some techniques he can use…



I’m currently […]

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3A 152 Injector Nozzle Pressure Setting

Information on setting the injector nozzle pressure settings for a Perkins 3A.152 3 cylinder engine as fitted to a Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.  This discussion follows the story of Ryan’s tractor.

When trying to get good starting performance there may be more than one issue that needs attention.  Ryan began by reconditioning the injectors, but also […]

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