Differential Lock Pedal Mechanism

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Here we have a video which shows how the differential lock pedal mechanism works on a tractor.  This is from a 100 series Massey Ferguson, such as the 135, 165 or 168, but the principle is similar for many other models.

We took the video recently whilst at an open day at the engineering department of […]

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How Does Massey Ferguson Multi Power Work

We are often asked how the multi power system on models such as the Massey Ferguson 65, 135, 165 etc. works.  What really seems to intrigue people is that the engine braking system works when in high multi-power, but there is no engine braking when in low multi-power………

With the multi-power system there is one hydraulic […]

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Ferguson 28 (TE 20) Stuck In Gear

I’ve just got my 1953 MF 28 running, but have struck a problem.

It has jammedin gear, 3rd or 4th, not sure which. Happened after I had it in reverse for about 70m, took it out of reverse facing slightly downhill, and then it somehow got stuck in gear. The next job was to change the […]

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