Roadless Ploughmaster 65

Vintage Tractor Engineer likes to go to a sale and see some vintage tractors go under the hammer.  This Roadless was sold October, 2018 at the same sale as a Doe Triple D (see the video of the Doe being sold).

The 1969 Roadless was certainly in its working clothes, it had a Duncan cab and […]

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Auction of Doe Dual Drive (Triple D) Tractor – Video

When Vintage Tractor Engineer heard about an upcoming auction of vintage tractors, which included a Doe Triple D, to be held at Lindholme near Doncaster on the 18th of October 2018, he couldn’t help himself but to go and have a look.



There were some interesting lots, including a Roadless and a Massey Ferguson 1100, but […]

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Hydraulic Bracket

We have been recently asked how to make the bracket which fixes on to the rear of the MF35 tractor which makes it easy to ‘flip’ over the hydraulic top cover on the MF35 tractor.

This is a useful tool if you need to remove the top cover yourself and can’t get anyone to help you, […]

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County Six Wheel Drive Video

Alf has kindly sent us a video of his 6 wheel drive county trencher conversion working in Sweden (commentry in Swedish, but a nice video to watch anyway).  Alf calls it his 6*6.

Direct link to the video on Youtube.

Drainage work is a skill that comes from experience, and it’s clear to see that Alf is […]

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Restored MF35 23C Engine – Australia

We have already taken a look at Geoff’s V8 Ferguson tractor. Now there must have been some head scratching moments when he was trying to fit that engine into the Ferguson!

But that isn’t Geoff’s only tractor.  He’s also been busy with a 4 cylinder diesel MF35 and there’s a MF135 and a Leyland 154 also […]

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Ferguson With V8 Engine (video)

Geoff from Australia has kindly sent in a video of his Ferguson tractor, but his one’s a bit different.

Geoff and his friends have fitted a 4.2 litre Holder V8 engine into the little tractor – and does it sound sweet!


I think it’s fair to say there’s a bit of customisation and adaptation been needed here.  […]

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FE35 Restoration – Cigarette Ends And Leaves In Cooling Water

We have written about Gunter’s tractors before here at Vintage Tractor Engineer.  He so kindly takes the time to share with us his photos and articles about his tractor.  Previous articles…

Gold Belly Resoted To ‘As New’ Condition.

Gunter’s FE35 – Restored photos and video of a cold start.

The problem with us tractor enthusiasts is we get […]

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Clutch Finger Alignment Tool

Michael has sent a photo in of his clutch finger adjusting gauge.

As you can see, the tool is made from a length of aluminium box that is just the correct size so that a hex nut fits snugly inside it, but is not able to turn.

This is a great way to make a tool if […]

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