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Some of these videos are now available to purchase via online streaming/download.  It’s a great way to get immediate access if you are not in the UK, as you don’t need to wait for shipping.  Click here to see which videos are available.

There are some further guides available via the online system –

MF135 Clutch And Oil Seals

Perkins AD3.152 Engine Differences.


MF35, Engine Rebuild DVD (Perkins 3A.152)

MF35 3 cylinder Perkins Engine Rebuild DVD


MF35 Engine Rebuild DVD (4 cylinder 23C diesel)

MF35 23C Engine Rebuild DVD


Ferguson TE20 Hydraulics DVD

Ferguson TE 20 Tractor Hdraulics DVD

Link to TE20 Hydraulics Tutorial available for online streaming/download.


MF35 Hydraulics DVD

MF35 Hydraulic Repair DVD