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Fordson Super Major Wiring Diagram

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Wiring diagram for Fordson Super Major with diesel engine.

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Ferguson FE35 Glow Plug Information

Many Standard 23C diesel engines have the ‘Thermostart’ heating and vaporising coil fitted in the inlet manifold.  Effective as this is, FE-35 tractors sold for use in areas of the world where extreme cold temperatures are expected were often fitted with ‘cold climate heads’ that have individual heater plugs for each pre-combustion chamber.  Tractors equiped […]

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Massey Ferguson 500 Series Wiring Diagrams

These wiring diagrams are for the 500 series Massey Ferguson tractors.

MF550, MF565, MF575, MF590

Click the link below to download the pdf wiring diagram…

MF500 Series Wiring Diagrams

The first diagram is of the main wiring. The second diagram is for the lights and warning lights wiring.

The electrical systems of these tractors are negative earth and charged by […]

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Fordson Dexta Wiring – For Road Use

Have you got a Fordson Dexta (or other model of tractor)  and want to wire it for modern road use?  Yes?  Well keep reading…

Many older tractors were only fitted with headlamps, or more often than not no lighting at all.  Many people wish to keep their machines in this way, but some people wish to […]

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Fordson Dexta Wiring Instructions – Valentine’s day special

Valentine’s day will soon be here – which means it’s time to spread a little love.
Vintage Tractor Engineer won’t be giving away the usual red roses or chocolates on February 14th.  No.  We’ve got something much more useful than that.  It’s a Dexta wiring diagram!

Jerry has updated his tractor for modern road use, adding brake […]

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Why A Series Wound Starter Rotates The Same Way Regardless of Battery Polarity

This is a guest post from Alan Clark…

Here is a detailed explanation of the reason a Series Wound starter motor still rotates the same way regardless of battery polarity.

When Battery Polarity is reversed both Field and Armature currents are reversed -rotation direction remains the same.

If the Starter […]

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Massey Ferguson 35, How To Test 12V Dynamo

First thing is probably to inspect drive belt and see if it is OK for tension and condition.

Check that dynamo and control box are connected correctly. The larger dynamo terminal must be connected to control box terminal ‘D’. The smaller dynamo terminal connects to control box terminal ‘F’. Check the earth connection to the control […]

Converting From Dynamo To Alternator, Massey Ferguson 35

Per at Soggers has recently had an enquiry about converting from a dynamo to an alternator on a FE35.  If you haven’t allready had a look at Per’s website then Vintage Tractor Engineer would recommend it as an interesting read about his FE35 tractor.

Per Said:-

I’ve had an inquiry about converting from a Lucas dynamo to a […]

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