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If you have just purchased one of our video guides, then you may find the following resources useful for the repair of your tractor.


Perkins 3A.152 Engine Rebuild Video

Perkins AD3.152 Direct Injection Engine DIfferences (free video)
3A.152 data and tightening torques
3A.152 Engine specification and more torque figures
Injector nozzle pressure setting


Standard 23C Engine Rebuild Video

MF35 (23C) torque figures
Fitting injection pump timing gear
Timing camshaft using protractor method
Fitting timing chain


MF35 Hydraulics Video

Bracket design for hydraulic top cover removal


Ferguson TE-20 Hydraulics Video

TE20 Hydraulics won’t lift
Oscillating drive strip
Broken top cover


Massey Ferguson 135 Clutch Guide

Also relevant to MF35 (Perkins engine), MF65, 100 and 500 series tractors. Includes oil seal and some Multi-Power component information.