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Differential Lock Pedal Mechanism

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Here we have a video which shows how the differential lock pedal mechanism works on a tractor.  This is from a 100 series Massey Ferguson, such as the 135, 165 or 168, but the principle is similar for many other models.

We took the video recently whilst at an open day at the engineering department of […]

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Replacing / Fitting Tractor Starting Ring Gear

Starter ring gears are often in need of replacement when restoring a vintage tractor. Over time, the leading edge of the gears on the starting ring can become worn to the point that the starter motor cannot always engage effectively and thus it is unable to turn over the engine. This situation requires replacement of […]

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Piston Ring Compressor

When refitting a piston into a cylinder it is necessary to compress the piston rings before the piston is slid into the cylinder. To perform this operation without a piston ring compressor is very difficult and can often result in damaging the piston rings. Using a piston ring compressor is quick and easy, whilst it […]

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Bleeding Off 4 Cylinder Diesel Massey Ferguson 35

Free video clip showing how to bleed off the diesel fuel system on a Massey Ferguson 35 with the 4 cylinder 23C engine.


Read the full instructions for bleeding off the fuel system on a tractor engine.
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