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Wiring diagrams for the electrical system on the Massey Ferguson 35 tractors (including Ferguson TO 35 and Ferguson FE35). The first diagram is for the carburettor engines and the second diagram is for the diesel engine variants. Diagrams include the colour-code information of the cables.

If you are finding it difficult to follow the wiring diagrams, then the process is shown in detail on the MF35 Engine Rebuild DVD.   Click the link and watch the trailer to the DVD.

Just click the link – mf35-wiring-diagram001 – . The .pdf file is in high resolution in order to view the small print.

Or another good wiring diagram can be seen on Per’s Soggers site which is all about his FE35. Per’s is on a negative earth with twin batteries.

john nelson says:

December 6th, 2008 at 10:00 pm
My TO35 won’t turn over w/starter button. I replaced solenoid but won’t activate starter. I can start tractor jumping from solenoid to starter cable and remove starter cable after starting to stop starter motor??? I am electrical ignorant….HELP

Vintage Tractor Engineer. says:

December 10th, 2008 at 6:07 pm
Hi John,

I would say that it could be one of a few things that could be causing the

Try the safety isolator switch (just in front of steering box). Make sure the tractor is out of gear (R,1,2,3), join the wires together on this switch (white/blue wire to the white/red). If it then startes with the ignition switch then that is the problem

Next try the ignition switch to see if it is faulty.

Next thing sould be the whole wiring loom (or part of it).

Have a look at this page and the wiring diagram.

Hope that helps.

Steve, VTE