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Adjusting Clutch Pedal Freeplay On MF35 + PTO Clutch



As a tractor clutch is used, wear takes place naturally on the friction surfaces. This will affect the setting of the clutch pedal free-play which must periodically be corrected.

The clutch pedal on a Massey Ferguson 35 is adjusted correctly when there is 3/8 inch (double clutch) soft movement between the clutch pedal in rest position (up) and when the pedal begins to feel firmer when pressed. [3/4 inch for single clutch models]

Adjustment is accomplished by slackening the clutch pedal clamp bolt and turning the clutch release shaft in relation to the pedal. Re-tighten the bolt and then check the soft free-play. Re-adjust if necessary.

Once the clutch has been adjusted then the PTO clutch release studs can be checked/reset. Remove the access panel on the underside of the tractor clutch housing. Using feeler guages measure the gap between the adjusting stud head and the PTO clutch release mechanism. This measurement should be between 0.089 – 0.091 inches. To adjust the setting, slacken the lock nut, move adjusting stud, re-tighten lock nut and re-measure the gap. The photograph below clearly shows this – this tractor has been split.


There are three adjusting bolts spaced equally around the clutch to measure and adjust. The clutch can be turned using a lever through the access panel. Applying a dab of paint to each stud after adjustment is a good way to be sure that you have done each one.

What people have said so far……
Bill says:

February 27th, 2007 at 7:18 pm
Hi, – great site, keep up the good work. The clutch is stiff on my MF65. Is there anything I can do about it??

This article may answer your question.

Esa says:

April 1st, 2008 at 8:19 pm
> Greetings from Finland!

I have MF 35 23C -59. Would you tell me, how i can adjust clutch? There are dual clutch. What is fingers distance from flywheel?

Best for you


The Vintage Tractor Engineer says:

April 1st, 2008 at 8:21 pm
Carburettor single clutch
1.895? from flywheel face
23C single clutch
0.995? from flywheel face
Carburettor or 23C dual clutch
3 25/32? (96mm) from flywheel face

2.65? – 2.75? from face of the spacer ring segments.
4 13/32? – 4 15/32? from flywheel face.


Sean says:

June 3rd, 2008 at 9:48 pm
On an MF35 4 cyl gas motor, what is the correct torque for head bolts. Or studs with nuts I should say. Also the sequence?
Thanks a million

ernest holloway says:

October 26th, 2008 at 11:35 pm
thank you very much for your help, I am very grateful. It seems strange that I, from the UK, have to ask you from the USA how to adjust an English tractor.

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19 Responses to “Adjusting Clutch Pedal Freeplay On MF35 + PTO Clutch”

  1. On the mf30 it has two sets of adjustment bolt. One set on the inside (3) and one set on the outside (3) which set will adjust the clutch for travel and which one adjust the clutch for the PTO?

    • Don
  2. How do you adjust the pto clutch on a MF 253?
    Thanks a bunch…

    • Eric
  3. I recently purchased a 1963 mf35 with a single clutch,
    Is it possible to fit a double clutch to enable me to have a live drive pto

    • Patrick
  4. Hi, Can you tell me how to adjust the clutch for the MF 65?
    When engaging the clutch while motor is running, I cannot engage the PTO. Only when motor is off .. I think this tractor has a live PTO (whatever that means..) It also has a “ground PTO” setting, am not sure what that does either ..


    • Bernard Mentink
  5. what would happen if oil from the engine got into the clutch bell housing?

    • stephen
  6. Hi Stephen,

    There is a small hole on the underside of the clutch housing in which there should be a split pin fitted loosely in. The idea is that the split pin just vibrates about with the movement of the tractor and prevents the hole from bunging with dirt.

    Any small amount of oil should then just drain out of this hole. If the hole gets blocked then the oil level can fill up in the bell housing. Basically this will ruin the friction capabilities of the clutch plates and you would need to replace the clutch and fix the oil leak at the same time.

    If the leak is bad then oil can get flicked onto the clutch plates even if the drain hole is clear.


    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  7. can someone tell me the tune up specs for a massey 35 petrol

    • mick kirk
  8. i need to know the clutch adjustment for a m.f.275 67h.p. thanks

    • frank
  9. i have a massey ferguson 135 and the spool valve isnt working.wood it be a big job to get her going agin

    • david
  10. I have a MF 203 industrial that has leaked trans fluid and wet the clutch. Does anyone know which clutch this the 203 has? Is the adjustment procedure yhe same ads the 35?

    • danielm
  11. i have a 3 cyl 35 that i am restoring but the gearbox is wanked in it.i am wondering wood a 4 cyl 35 have the same gearbox.thanks…………

    • david
  12. what is the quickest way 2 no the difference between a 65 mark 1 and 65 mark 2

    • david
  13. Hi David,

    The Mk1 tractors have the Perkins A4.192 engine. The Mk2 tractors have the
    AD4.203 engine.

    Steve VTE.

    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  14. what type of engine has the massey ferguson 135.

    • john
  15. hello problem with clutch in mf 240 not allowing pto 2 engage pedal is near the bottom before any presure comes was told no more adjustment left would new clutch disk solve problim need advise on setting new clutch please

    • gary
  16. prosim za navodila za nastavitev sklopke pri traktorju štore 504 hvala za vašo pomoč

    • boris
  17. G’day,

    I own a MF35 and I think the clutch is gone. I tried to startit the other day and when I put it in gear the tractor started moving before the clutch was released. I adjusted the pedal and also adjusted the PTO clutch. I tried the clutch again but same problem. I have concluded a new clutch is needed, are there any tricks I should be aware of when splitting the tractor to replace the clutch?


    • Aaron
  18. I cant get my pto shaft to stop turning? yes i pulled the lever on the lft.side down

    • chuck
  19. Do you have information on adjusting the clutch pto assembly for a Massey 90 tractor? Thanks.

    • John
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