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Ferguson TE20 Fill-Up Data

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We get a lot of people asking for the fluid capacities of these tractors, so here they are…

Engine Sump  6.8 litres

Air Cleaner  0.45 litres

Cooling System

TE-A/D20  8.5 litres

TE-H20  9.6 litres

TE-F20  8.5 litres

Transmission Casing  22.8 litres

Belt Pulley  0.28 litres

Fuel Tank

TE-A20  36 litres

TE-D/H20  31.5 litres and 4.5 litres

TE F20  31.85 litres, auxiliary 3.4 litres, Kigass 0.43 litres

Steering […]

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Perkins A3.152 Engine Data Specifications And Torques

Here are the data, specifications, dimensions, tolerances and the main tightening torque settings for the 3 cylinder Perkins A3.152 engine as fitted to the Massey Ferguson 35 tractor.

These specifications accompany our MF35 (3 cylinder Perkins) Engine Rebuild DVD, which you may find useful if you’re working on one of these engines.

Data Specifications

Cylinders 3
Bore 3.6” (91.44mm)
Stroke […]

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Massey Ferguson 135 Serial Numbers

Massey Ferguson 135 serial numbers.

Year    Serial Numbers

1965    101-30282

1966 30283-67596

1967 67597-93304

1968 93305-117428

1969 117429-141425

1970 141426-162114

1971 […]

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Ferguson TE20 Tractor Differences

This information is for the Ferguson TEF20 tractors, and identifies any changes that have occured during the production of the tractors. This list can help identify the serial number of your tractor if the identification plate is missing. This information below is an extract from the Wallaces website.  Unfortunately, the Wallaces Ferguson website does not […]

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Ferguson TE 20, TO 20 and TO 30 Model Variants

The Ferguson TE20 (TE denoting Tractor England) was the first tractor to be produced by Harry Ferguson in the UK. The Banner Lane factory in Coventry was originally an aero-engine factory operated by the Standard Motor Company for the British Government during world war two. After the war an agreement was made between Standard and […]

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Ferguson TE 20, TO 20 and TO30 Serial Numbers

Cross reference the serial numbers and year of manufacture for the TE-20, TO-20 and TO30 tractors. Model variants are listed here and fluid capacities here.

TE20 manufactured by Standard Motor Company, England

1946 1-315

1947 316-20894

1948 20895-77772

1949 77773-116461

1950 116462-167836

1951 167837-241335

1952 241336-310779

1953 310780-367998

1954 367999-428092

4955 428093-488578

1956 488579-517651


TO20 and TO30, manufactured in Detroit.

1948 1-1807
1949 1808-14659
1950 14660-39162
1951 39163-72679
1952 72680-108644
1953 108645-125928
1954 […]

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Massey Ferguson 35 23C Data Specifications And Torques

Here are the data, specifications, dimensions, tolerances and the main tightening torque settings for the 4 cylinder Standard 23C engine as fitted to the MF35. These specifications accompany the MF35 Engine Rebuild DVD, which details every aspect of rebuilding the 4 cylinder Standard Motor Company 23C diesel engine as fitted to these tractors.

Data Specifications

Cylinders 4
Bore […]

Fordson Dexta Serial Numbers

Finding the year of manufacture for a Dexta is a complex process and sources of information differ. The serial number of the Fordson Dexta is stamped on the flange between the engine and clutch housing on the left hand side of the tractor. The castings codes (clutch casting, rear axle casting, gearbox casting, hydraulic lift […]

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