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Want to rebuild your tractor engine?

-and know the job’s been done right!

  • Want your tractor engine running smooth as silk?
  • Want full rated power output?
  • Want to stop it breathing?
  • Want to stop it using oil?
  • Want easy starting?


The MF35, Perkins 3A.152 Engine Rebuild DVD will help you achieve this, with easy to follow ‘step-by-step’ tutorials.


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This DVD is in PAL format, if you are in USA, Canada or another NTSC region DVD country please read this page.


If you own a 3 cylinder Massey Ferguson 35 with the Perkins 3A.152 diesel engine then you have one of the most popular tractors ever built.  P.S. If your tractor has the 4 cylinder diesel engine, then we also have a DVD for that engine.


Click the play button below to whatch a short preview of the DVD…


With several thousand hours on the clock many of these engines are in need of a rebuild.  Most owners wish to rebuild the engine themselves, but lack the confidence to undertake the task.  Don’t risk a poor quality rebuild from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing – do it yourself!

With help from this DVD you can do the job yourself.

Bearing shells

Broken head gasket

Pistons, Massey Ferguson 35 engine

Worn valve seats.

There’s over 3 hours of footage on the DVD which will help you to…

  • Rebuild your engine back to perfect running order
  • Assess components for wear
  • Increase starting performance
  • Save money hiring a mechanic
  • Become an expert on these engines
  • Do it yourself and know the job has been done correctly
  • Complete each step with meticulous precision
  • Easier to follow than a workshop manual


The MF35 3A.152 Engine Rebuild DVD is a small investment to ensure a quality rebuild.

A few photos from the rebuild…


Cutting valve seats of MF35 tractor engine


Clutch fingers

TDC and spill timing marks on the flywheel

Setting fuel injection pump

Setting valve clearances

You can see more photographs taken from this film.  Take a look at the strip-down page or the rebuild page.

This DVD Includes…

  • Strip-down process
  • Safe clutch removal
  • Component assessment
  • Visit to the engineers
  • Step-by-step rebuild including…
  • Pistons and rings
  • Bearing journals
  • Cylinder head
  • Setting valve clearances
  • Aligning timing gears
  • Fuel injection pump timing
  • Fitting new filters
  • Clutch set-up and adjustment
  • Bleeding off and starting


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Visit To The Engineers (bonus footage on disc 2)

Whilst the strip-down and rebuild can be done in a home workshop, there is often work to do which requires more specialist tools and machinery.  This is where your local engineers (engine remanufacturing shop) comes in. The components were taken to Park Engineering to get the wok done.  Vintage Tractor Engineer went along to film the whole process (shown in the DVD).  It is really interesting to see how these jobs get done, particularly the grinding of the crankshaft journals.  Parks replaced the valve stems, re-ground the valve seats, fitted new valves, surfaced the head, fitted new cast iron liners and ground the crank – all with superb precision and know-how.  This was one of the most interesting days Vintage Tractor Engineer has spent for some time, chatting to the lads in the workshop and seeing the little Perkins go through the process.

Three Hours Of Footage – On Two Discs

The idea of the Vintage Tractor Engineer DVD’s is that anyone with little more than a basic toolkit can rebuild an engine.  Each step is shown in complete detail, so even if you have no previous experience you can do the job. This resulted in over 3 hours of footage, which we’ve delivered to you in a 2 disc set.  The advantage of DVD is that you can…

  • rewind
  • replay
  • freeze frame
  • play the DVD as you work


We have also added two pages of data specifications and torques to accompany this DVD (link to second page of information).


What People Have Said… These comments are from our customers, but if you would like to read some more independent views then please take a look at what people have said on our eBay feedback.

  “VTE’s DVD was invaluable.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do my own engine rebuild, but just following the DVD made the job so simple and now my engine’s running like a dream.  I’m so glad I found your website and couldn’t believe you had a DVD for my tractor engine!” James, Oxfordshire.

“I have received the DVD today, and I have to say it is really well made.  Everything is shown and explained very comprehensibly, very useful  !”  Tim, Luxembourg

“This DVD is excellent.” PH, England

“I have the head currently being rebuilt and today stripped the engine accessories and front off, preparing to remove the block. I have watched your video many times and refer back to it a lot! It is a lifesaver! It had really helped me, as a farm guy who can certainly turn a wrench, but never thought I could rebuild a thing!”  Nathaniel, USA




30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that this DVD will show you how to strip-down and rebuild the 3A.152 engine that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy that the DVD shows you how to do this rebuild then just let us know, return the DVD within 30 days of purchase and then we’ll return your money – simple!


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Buy both the MF35 (3A.152) Engine Rebuild DVD and the MF 35 Hydraulics DVD together for £54 (normally £69.98).  

What We Hope You’ll Get From This DVD

Here at Vintage Tractor Engineer we love the fact that people are woking away in their workshops, on their tractors, all over the world.  It could be a purpose built workshop full of tools and machines that all your neighbours are envious of, the corner of a tractor shed where you have the rest of your collection, a garage at the side of your house down a suburban street or even outside in a field with the only protection from the elements being that old tarpaulin you pull back over her at the end of the day.

What we hope is that anyone, anywhere in the world can repair their tractor using only a DVD and a basic toolkit.  You may just need to borrow a torque wrench, a micrometer and some feeler gauges from a neighbour.  Then you can make a fabulous rebuild, as good (if not better) than any professional engine rebuilder.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have rebuilt the engine to such a high standard.