Setting Clutch On 3 Cylinder MF35

First of all thanks for your great 4 cylinder engine rebuild dvd, although I have the 3 cylinder version, it is still a great help!

I have just finished rebuilding the main part of the engine and am at the

stage of putting on the dual clutch, but am having problems working out the correct spacers required […]

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Clutch Stiffness

Clutch stiffness is something which users soon complain about, particulary if there is a loader fitted to the tractor. Some models (eg. MF165) have a grease nipple on the release shaft, which would be the most obvious place to start. However, it is likely that the tractor will need to be split to access the […]

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Massey Ferguson 135 Clutch Adjustment

Kevin Mordasky wrote:

I have an MF135D Massey ferguson. It has a two stage clutch with 9″ & 11″ Discs. I know the 9″ disc clearance is .090″ and only need a feeler gauge. Adjusting the 11″ disc requires splitting the tractor. I have the factory manual and it shows how to make a gauge for […]

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Fordson Dexta Replacing Clutch Release Bearing

The clutch release bearing on the Fordson Dexta ( Ford Dexter ) is pre-lubricated and so should not require any maintenance during servicing. It may, however, require replacement if it does not run smoothly, there is excessive sideways movement or it is loose on the hub. If the bearing is in good condition, and as […]

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Adjusting Clutch Pedal Freeplay On MF35 + PTO Clutch


As a tractor clutch is used, wear takes place naturally on the friction surfaces. This will affect the setting of the clutch pedal free-play which must periodically be corrected.

The clutch pedal on a Massey Ferguson 35 is adjusted correctly when there is 3/8 inch (double clutch) soft movement between the clutch pedal in rest […]

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