No Fuel At Injectors When Bleeding Fuel System

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Bleeding the fuel system on a tractor is a relatively straight forward job.  However, it is not uncommon for people to contact us saying they have fuel to the injection pump but cannot get fuel to the injectors.

Recently an owner of a TEF-20 wrote in thinking he must be doing something wrong, but he didn’t […]

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MF35 Overheating and Stalling

Lau from Denmark has done a complete engine rebuild of the 23C engine in his Massey Ferguson 35.  However, he is having some problems and has written in to see what could be the trouble.  He says…

I have followed the whole rebuild process acording to the fantastic DVD I bought (I also bought […]

Ford 4600 Tractor Engine, Oil In The Water

Alan is having trouble with his Ford 4600 which is getting oil in the water, here’s what he has to say…


I have both your engine rebuild and hydraulic overhaul DVD’s but unfortunately for me they cannot help me with this wee problem and was wondering if you could possibly point me in the right […]

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MF35 Slow Hydraulic Lift

Stuart is having trouble with the hydraulics on his tractor. Here is what he has to say…
I have a MF35 tractor. The hydraulic lift pump seems to be operating slow when using the hydraulics to lift the ram on my tilt trailer. I have been advised to check the strainer. I was given a photo […]

Ferguson TO35 Electrical Starting Problems

My TO35 won’t turn over with starter button. I replaced solenoid but won’t activate starter. I can start tractor jumping from solenoid to starter cable and remove starter cable after starting to stop starter motor.

I am electrically ignorant….HELP???

Hi John,

I would say that it could be one of a few things that could be causing the […]

Ferguson FE35 Hydraulics Problem

The 3 point linkage and front loader on my 1957 4 cylinder diesel Mf 35 have stopped working, all happened out of the blue, just worked one day then not. I changed the oil which was quite milky, front loader went up once then no more. 3 point kind of tries to rise (judders) but […]

Ferguson FE35 Golden Grey Hydraulics Not Lifting

Vintage Tractor Engineer has a customer with a hydraulic fault on his FE35 golden grey.  The tractor will lift light implements such as a ridger or spring tine and will lift heavy implements when cold, but when the hydraulics get warm it takes high engine revs to lift the heavier implements such as a rotavator.  […]

Ferguson 28 (TE 20) Stuck In Gear

I’ve just got my 1953 MF 28 running, but have struck a problem.

It has jammedin gear, 3rd or 4th, not sure which. Happened after I had it in reverse for about 70m, took it out of reverse facing slightly downhill, and then it somehow got stuck in gear. The next job was to change the […]

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