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First of all thanks for your great 4 cylinder engine rebuild dvd, although I have the 3 cylinder version, it is still a great help!

I have just finished rebuilding the main part of the engine and am at the

stage of putting on the dual clutch, but am having problems working out the correct spacers required to set the finger distances from the flywheel face and to the spacer ring segments. A small spacer makes a huge difference.

Is there any easy way of setting these and how accurate does the finger
distance to the flywheel face need to be compared to what is stated in the

This seems to be quite a shady area as none of the manuals don’t seem to
mention setting the spacers, so any advice would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Hi Aaron,

The setting is important and needs to be accurate.

You need to set the clutch release levers to a height of 2.65 inches to 2.72 inches (67.31mm – 69.10mm) meaured from the face of the spacer ring segments. The MF tool number for this is Tool MF220 (lever fulcrum height setting gauge).

Variation in lever height must not exceed 0.015 inches (0.381mm).

Don’t forget to set the secondary pto clutch set screws to 0.090 inches +/- 0.002 (2.286mm +/- 0.0508mm).

Hope everything has gone well with your rebuild.

Steve (VTE)

Since this question was posted we have made a DVD for the 3 cylinder engine, this includes setting the clutch.