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Cheffins reported over 20 vintage tractors at the Norfolk sale. Top price tractor was for a well presented Field Marshall series 1 which made £7,600. A series ll was close to that price at £7,000.

£5,100 for a Fowler VF crawler in nearly original condition.

Massey Harris 55 P6 for £5,400

Minneapolis Moline GTS £4,700

The huge crowd of buyers and onlookers saw a 1922 Wallis and Stevens steam engine fetch £110,000 (yes £110,000) and find a new home with a Bedfordshire family. The underbidder to the Wallis went away with an Aveling and Porter steam roller for £29,000.

Earlier in the year Cheffins sold a 1958 Marshall MP6 for £70,000 and a 1987 County 1474TW for £66,000.