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The collective machinery sale at York Auction Centre always pulls in large crowds of buyers and the March auction was no exception. Large crowds always gather for the tractor auction, and it will come as no surprise to Vintage Tractor Engineer readers that the greatest interest is around the vintage and classic tractors.

As with many collective auctions, potential purchasers are always aware that what they are bidding for may not be exactly what it seems! Unfortunately this often has a detrimental effect on the prices achieved, however a few ‘gems’ can still make good money. This was evident in the previous sale, when a very clean and original example of a MF135 made £3,500.

A McCormick International B275 and a 1953 Fordson Major c/w loader reached £1,700 and £1,550 respectively, both not reaching the reserve. These tractors were in good condition and were probably worth more money through a private sale. The Major was a local machine, having the original dealers plate still attached (H. Bushell & Sons, Railway St, York).

A David Brown 995 c/w loader (6,017hrs) sold for £1,450 and looked like a good buy. It looked as though it had plenty of working life left in it, or was a good example to add to a collection.
Ferguson TED20 petrol/TVO also sold, but only for £400. Although it was painted up, the bonnet was badly dented and it looked a little messy. There is always a huge price differential between the superbly restored tractors and the ‘not quite so good’ ones. Mindst you, we all know the price of new bonnets, skins, engine rebuilds etc.

A McCormick International B250 diesel sold for £450.
Ford 3000, 4,483hrs. £1,700 n/s.
MF175 sold for £1,700.
DB885 c/w loader, 7600hrs sold for £1,250.