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I have a 23c and need to know how to wire the glow plugs and how long to heat them as i just got my 2nd set of them and dont want to buy any more?
I got the tractor in a basket and my book did not cover wiring.Thanks,

J & L Farms.

I have scanned the wiring diagram from the workshop manual, so that should be of help to you.  Click on the link below to open the wiring diagram.

 Ferguson FE35 Heater Plug Wiring Diagram


Per Rasmussen says:

June 3rd, 2008 at 11:48 pm
I usually heat my glow plugs for 60 seconds and have only lost one glow plug in 25 years–probably from old age. I did burn out the resistance coil once but had it welded together again and it’s been fine ever since.