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I recently purchased a large quantity of original 1950’s and 1960’s BMC Dealer service tools, for the servicing and repair of many BMC Classic cars. I have appreciated and collected these beautifully made items for many years, but amongst my recent lot, one tool in particular intrigues me. A large, very heavy cylindrical tool, which is stamped ” MF26/17 VLC”, made by VL Churchill, Daventry, England. It appears to be either a pressing tool, or a protector/sleeve type tool, I’m fairly certain it’s a Massey Ferguson Tractor Tool, its probably between twenty and thirty years old, I would like to know whether anyone recognises what the tool is for, and which model(s) it relates to. Hopefully, someone out there, might recognise it?

(MF26/17 VLC, cylindrical stepped tool, with hollow interior, one hole 1/8? through to inside, tapered at end, and half way down, 8 1/2? long, 2? across at small end, 2 1/2? across at bigger end, hollow internal size 1 7/8? across by 3 1/2? deep, very heavy!)

I’d really love to know for what purpose the thing was used for!!
The only sure thing I know is that it was made by VL Churchill, Daventry.

Many thanks,

Jon Way, Taunton, Somerset. (01823)278653 (H) or 07815082465 (M)

Jon would be interested to hear from anyone who recognises this tool. If you know, then either give Jon a call or contact Vintage Tractor Engineer and we’ll pass on the information.