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From 1964 to 1972, Glen Monroe from Didsbury, Alberta started to attach two tractors together to provide more pulling power. Vintage Tractor Engineer saw this video and found it great viewing.

It reminded us of the Doe Triple D machines that were manufactured in England. Here’s a video of a Triple D in action with a plough.

The Does’ look more compact and manoeuvrable than the Monroe, but of course the Monroe tractors were working in the large fields in the USA. The Doe has a turntable mounted on the underneath of the tractors, where as the Monroe appears to use a pivot which does not seem to offer so much of a tight turning circle. The turntable can be seen quite clearly on this Doe 130.

Another one off tractor is shown in the next video clip. Here 3 Farmall F-20 engines have been attached together and share a single clutch, transmission and rear axle. Also we see another version with just 2 F-20’s linked together.