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Rob has kindly sent in this video of his tractor running for the first time after doing a rebuild on the engine.  Here is what Rob had to say.

Hi Steve/Ian

I would just like to say a big thank you for making the 23c rebuild dvd. I went out on tuesday nice warm day bled the fuel system through slackened the injectors turned the engine over till all air was out tightened up the injector pipes and much to my amazement fired up within about 15seconds of cranking all without the aid of the glow plug as i do not have the tractor wired up.   Anyway thanks again i certainly wouldn’t have managed without the DVD.

Unfortunately my stepson did not start videoing till just after it fired up so it was actually running when he started filming and then  i noticed the oil pressure needle was off the scale(top end)lol also the exhaust falling off was quite funny just have to check a couple of the injectors not seating 100%.