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  1. DaveW

    Hi folks,
    Ihave 2 questions about the draft spring nut,
    What is behind the grub screw on the side of the housing, I have to drill the screw out as the hex socket is rounded off and the screw is rusted in tight.
    Also, is there a tool available to undo the nut or do i have to make something up.
    Steve, i have ordered the video, just cant wait for it to turn up,
    thanks all,

  2. Fergie Man

    Dave behind the allen headed screw there is a piece of lead shot which squashes onto the adjusting nut to keep the nut tight. There is a special tool available but you can use a hammer and punch to turn the nut round using the cutouts on the outer rim…..Regards…Geoff

  3. DaveW

    Hi Again, Thanks Fergie Man.
    Ok I’ve drilled out the allen headed screw, something very hard is behind the screw, I think its a ball bearing, but i definitely cant drill through it, not even making a dent in it, there is still a ring of the screw holding it in place due to the tapper of the drill bit, going to reshape the drill bit to be concave so i can cut the last thread out of the screw and try and retrieve the ball.

    I tried using a punch and hammer on the nut, but I can’t shift it. Possibly still too much pressure from the plug, I’m still open to suggestions.

    Regards, Dave

  4. DaveW

    Hi Again,
    Ok, with a great deal of exasperation, (big mallet, punch and frustration), I undid the nut and removed the draft control spring assembly, the cylinder was chock full of rust dust, Fergie Man is right, there is a lead pellet sqaushed into the thread area against the nut, but still can’t get it out or drill through it, something like a ball bearing between the pellet and the grub screw, looks like oxy torch time to melt it out.

    Removed the pin from the yoke when undoing the plunger but still tore the shaft apart at the end of the thread, rusted solid, lucky sparex and Bareco sell spare parts for all the components so, new shaft, nut and boot ordered, drilled out the yoke and re- tapped it.
    Thanks for the help,