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Peter jumped on his tractor, hitched up the topper (bush hog) and drove down the track to Ivy Bottom Field.

It was bright and sunny February day and his trusty Massey Ferguson 675 was singing away like it normally does.

Ivy Bottom Field is a bit bumpy, due to mole hills.  Peter went four times round the headlands with the topper and then something went wrong with the 675.

The tractor suddenly lost all its power, wouldn’t rev past 1400 revs and was pouring black smoke out if you tried to open the throttle.  Peter was scratching his head.

He changed the air filter, checked air pipes for blockages and changed the fuel filters.  Often it is a case of doing the basics, but in this case it hadn’t provided any improvement.


Vintage Tractor Engineer Receives A Telephone Call

Peter had taken some logical steps with the air and fuel filters, but sometimes it’s another opinion or mind that may see something different.

When Vintage Tractor Engineer arrived and started the engine (it started OK), the first thing he noticed was a distinct rushing noise from the exhaust pipe.

Removal of the exhaust pipe fixed the problem.  The running characteristics of the engine immediately returned to normal.

It turned out the inside of the exhaust pipe had collapsed and was blocking the exhaust gasses outlet (limiting the speed of exit of exhaust gasses and acting a bit like an exhaust brake that may be fitted to a lorry).

A replacement exhaust and the 675 was soom back to work in Ivy Bottom Field.


Tractor Exhaust Pipe