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Geoff from Australia has kindly sent in a video of his Ferguson tractor, but his one’s a bit different.

Geoff and his friends have fitted a 4.2 litre Holder V8 engine into the little tractor – and does it sound sweet!


I think it’s fair to say there’s a bit of customisation and adaptation been needed here.  Geoff says he has tried to keep some things original like the throttle lever and the starting method off the gear lever.

“Is was good fun to do and challenging at times, of course, in hindsight, there are some things that I would have done differently.
There are some things that I think about changing, but as it is up and running so good, it is hard to justify going back into it”.  And Geoff has other projects on the go as well.
Vintage Tractor Engineer likes the custom metalic colours and the red paintwork on parts of the engine and the Ferguson bonet decals along with the ‘V8’ below the Ferguson decals.  You just know it isn’t any ordinary Ferguson!
Geoff has used Vintage Tractor Engineer’s Ferguson TE20 Hydraulics Tutorial to help him with the restoration.  We hope he found it useful.
A great bit of Ferguson fun.