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Alf has kindly sent us a video of his 6 wheel drive county trencher conversion working in Sweden (commentry in Swedish, but a nice video to watch anyway).  Alf calls it his 6*6.

Direct link to the video on Youtube.

Drainage work is a skill that comes from experience, and it’s clear to see that Alf is a craftsman of his trade.

Alf pointed out that it was VERY dry last summer, so he had to go very slow.

You can see when digging with the backhoe how hard it was.

Alf says “Typical, I was filmed in the worst scenario when the chain was getting towards the end of its life and in dry soil”.

Alf converted this tractor to 6 wheel drive by adding another axle to the rear of the machine, specifically for mounting a drainage trencher.  This has given him the ability to easily travel on the road between jobs, whilst also providing a machine that will travel over wet ground and also the two rear axles help smooth out any undulations in the land when trying to keep the trencher on grade.

It’s a good solution, and we’ve reported about this tractor before.  Here’s some photos of the tractor with dual wheels fitted to the rear axles – I don’t think it’s going to get stuck!  Here’s a few more photos of the machine working.

Here at Vintage Tractor Engineer we’ve got our own Barth tracked drainage trencher which is based on a County skid unit.  It was for sale a few years ago and we just couldn’t help ourselves!  We’ve used it extensively on our farm and it runs really nicely.  The photo below was when we’d just bought it.  It lives inside now for the rest of its life.

Barth K150 draining machine

Barth K150