Description Of Our Maintenance DVD’s

We have had an email from a gentleman in the US who was asking if we have a printed brochure for our DVD’s and videos.
We haven’t got a printed brochure, as everything is on the website.  However, here is a description of what you will find in the videos…
We currently have 4 DVD’s available…

Ferguson TE20 […]

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How To Make An Exact Replica Of A Gasket

We’ve all been here…
Upon dismantling a component we found the gasket was virtually disintegrated and a replacement was unavailable.  Not an uncommon problem when working with old tractors.
How to make a new one…
Jonathan has written in to describe a method which may be useful.

The problem is getting a good pattern to work from, so he […]

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Oil Pressure Low When Engine Gets Hot

This article comes about due to a question that came in from an owner of a Massey Ferguson 135 tractor.
What Are The Symptons
When the tractor engine is first started the oil pressure is normal on the gauge and everything seems to be fine.

However, as the engine warms up you notice a drop in the oil […]

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Identifying Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors

There are many different clues you can use to identify these tractors.

The serial number on the identification plate is the most definitive, although it is not uncommon for the dash panel to have rusted and been replaced at some point – creating confusion.

In fact, there are som many of these FE35, MF35, MF35X tractors that […]

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Rebuild DVD For Massey Ferguson 35X ?

My tractor is a 35x – does your rebuild video for the 3 cylinder Perkins MF35 cover this engine? I am not sure what the ‘x’ means. I have oil blowing out the dipstick and some pretty blue smoke……so an engine rebuild is possibly on the cards. It costs Euro 2000 to get it done […]

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TEA-20 Hydraulic Relief Valve Problem

Broken hydraulic top covers are a relatively common problem with Ferguson TE-20 tractors.  The easiest solution for most people is to source a second hand component.

The earlier tractors had the relief valve fitted to the pump, whilst the later tractors had the valve integrated into the top cover.



It is therefore necessary to ensure that when […]

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FE35 – Red And Grey or Bronze And Grey?

Vilhelm has sent in some photos from Sweden of his father’s FE35, which he is intending to restore and bring back to its former glory.  It’s an FE35, 23C engine and serial number SDM28837.

This serial number would date the tractor to 1957, and would also mean it should be painted bronze and grey.  The bronze […]

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Tractor Engine Losing Power

Peter jumped on his tractor, hitched up the topper (bush hog) and drove down the track to Ivy Bottom Field.

It was bright and sunny February day and his trusty Massey Ferguson 675 was singing away like it normally does.

Ivy Bottom Field is a bit bumpy, due to mole hills.  Peter went four times round the […]

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