Preparing Tractors For Winter

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The cold and damp weather associated with winter is bad news for tractors; but there are several things we can do reduce the effects of the inclement weather. Which of the tasks you choose to do will depend on how often you intend to use your tractor. All of the following will apply if the […]

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Mixing Tractor Vaporising Oil

Tractor Vaporising Oil (TVO) can be mixed using petrol and heating oil.  FOFH give some good guidance on mixing TVO.

This is the method and ingredients they recommend….

There must only ever be 2 ingredients in TVO1. Petrol (unleaded is absolutely fine for a Ferguson tractor) 98 Octane.
2. 28 Second Heating Oil 20 Octane.

Aim for an Octane […]

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Bleeding Off Diesel Fuel Systems

Different models of tractor obviously have slightly different fuel systems, but all types need to be free of air in the fuel system for it to work efficiently. Most vintage tractors have the luxury of a fuel tank fitted above the engine (unlike many classic or modern tractors), this gives the aid of gravity during […]

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Adjusting Tractor Front Wheel Bearings

With use (particularly with loader tractors where there is extra weight) tractor front wheel bearings do wear. Regular greasing reduces this, but eventually adjustment or replacement of the bearing is required. One method to check bearing condition is to jack up the front of the tractor and spin the front wheels. Any rumbling noises indicate […]

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