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With use (particularly with loader tractors where there is extra weight) tractor front wheel bearings do wear. Regular greasing reduces this, but eventually adjustment or replacement of the bearing is required. One method to check bearing condition is to jack up the front of the tractor and spin the front wheels. Any rumbling noises indicate damaged or worn bearings.

To replace/adjust the bearings use the instructions below.

  1. Jack the tractor up and place on axle stands after slackening the hub cap.
  2.  Remove hub cap, followed by split pin through the castellated nut.
  3. If renewing bearings remove nut, remove hub from axle and exchange the bearings and seal, repacking with grease during assembly. Then remount the hub to the axle.
  4. As the castellated nut is re-tightened, rotate the hub until it starts to become slightly stiff to turn. Now slacken the nut two flats, checking that the hub rotation eases.
  5. Always use a new split pin to secure the castellated nut once the adjustment is set. Be aware that there may be more than one split pin hole available to use.
  6. 3/4 fill the hub cap with grease and refit.

As a rule of thumb, no discernable freeplay should be apparent between the hub and the axle. The wheel should turn freely and quietly.