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Dexta wiring

Have you got a Fordson Dexta (or other model of tractor)  and want to wire it for modern road use?  Yes?  Well keep reading…

Many older tractors were only fitted with headlamps, or more often than not no lighting at all.  Many people wish to keep their machines in this way, but some people wish to have lighting for modern road use.

This wiring diagram was sent in by Jerry and shows a method of wiring for head/side lamps, indicators, brake lights and trailer lighting socket.  Just click the link below to get the diagram…

Download Fordson Dexta wiring diagram (for modern road use).


Additional Information

Jerry has sent in some notes  to help explain how he did the job…


Modernising the Fordson Dexta Electrics

These notes will hopefully assist anyone who is considering modernising their Fordson Dexta electrics.

This is for a modern set up as it includes Turn and Brake lights together with an Alternator.

I have drawn the circuit diagram as a PowerPoint file. It is how I wired my Dexta and it works fine.

The Alternator wiring may have to be modified to accept a different type from a Lucas 16ACR type which I used. An American alternator should be Ok, the one you want must have the thick and thin spade connectors with the warning light feed also to suit my wiring diagram.

The photos are how I wired it all in, I have to take off the side panel to show the connectors. As I have an alternator the old regulator has been discarded and that leaves space for connectors and extra switches etc.

The indicator box I just fixed up above the battery.
In hindsight I think I would have positioned the indicator switch on the side of the binnacle or even had the ignition switch on the side and put the turn switch in its place.

The two multiple in line connectors are to allow an easy disconnection at the binnacle of the rear and forward cables.
The relays are there to reduce the heavy wiring that would otherwise have to go to the switch unit.
The fuse block and relays etc all fitted in the battery compartment by the fuel tank.
The inline connectors fitted below the fuel tank and the rear wiring went back up to the left wing where I fitted a die cast aluminium box (I obtained this from Maplin electronics in the UK on the internet) which also carried the trailer socket and a 12v socket for a plough lamp or other accessory.
The connectors and the Alternator plug and the brake light switch and cover etc I obtained from AES (http://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product_list/38 ).

The brake light switch is fitted under the left hand footplate and connects with the brake rod by a jubilee clip and spring. You can adjust the position of the jubilee clip then to get the best sensitivity.

Fordson Dexta plough lamp

Dexta dashboard