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Burnby Vintage Tractor Working Day

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Recently we went along to the Burnby Vintage Tractor Working Day.  This was held on Vintage Tractor Engineer’s uncle’s farm and a good number of tractor enthusiasts turned out to enjoy the day.

There isn’t any tractor maintenance/repair information here to learn, but it was just a really good day.  Lots of locals meeting up, enjoying […]

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Allis Chalmers ED40

The Allis Chalmers ED40 was the last model to be produced in England at the Essendine Factory in Rutland. Production started in 1960 and ended in 1968. Approximately 4000 units were built, of which 450 were exported to the USA around 1964. Although production ended in 1968, new tractors could still be purchased for several […]

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