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November 2007 marked 50 years of Massey Ferguson and the familiar Triple Triangle badge.

The companies of Massey Harris and Ferguson merged in August 1953 to form Massey-Harris-Ferguson. Massey-Harris were a Canadian based company which had been manufacturing farm equipment since 1847. Although Massey-Harris had much success with combine harvesters, their tractor range had failed to make the same impact, so the deal with Ferguson would give them the oportunity to work with the worlds best selling tractor design. The TE-20 (or Little Grey Fergie) was the world’s best selling tractor, with production peaking at over 100,000 units a year.

Harry Ferguson was chairman and head of engineering of the new company, but by 1954 he had fallen out with his new coleagues, resigned from his position and then sold out completely to the new company. The company now traded both the Massey-Harris and the Ferguson brands, but this was abbreviated in 1957 to Massey Ferguson. The new name was accompanied by new red paint work and the Triple Triangle badge. Was it the rejection by Massey Harris of Ferguson’s new 60Hp tractor that caused the disagreement?

AGCO marked the 50 year celebration with the opening of a new visitor centre at the Beauvais plant in France.