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Adam Glenday, creative director for AGCO Corporation (AGCO is the parent company of Massey Ferguson) has contacted Vintage Tractor Engineer.  Adam is looking for Ferguson and early Massey Ferguson grill badges to put on their displays.

Many of us have these badges but usually they’re attached proudly to the front of our tractors!  However, maybe you have a spare one in your shed that has come off a breaking tractor for example.  If you either have a badge for Adam or know where there is one then you can contact him on the email below.  Here is what Adam says…

Hello to all. My name is Adam Glenday. I’m the creative director for AGCO Corporation
headquarters, located in Duluth, GA, US. I am currently working on designing the displays
that will be exhibited within the new Intivity Center, which will be located in Jackson, MN.
One of the exhibits within the visitor center will feature a collection of Massey
Ferguson grill badges, as they appeared over the years of Massey Ferguson’s history.
We are in need of help to round up the different styles of badges, thus my reason for
posting here. Currently, we are looking for the following badges:

• Original “Ferguson” badge
• First “Massey Ferguson” badge
• Badge from a 100 Series tractor
• Badge from a 200 Series tractor

If anyone can help us acquire these badges, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to email me directly at adam.glenday@agcocorp.com

Thank you,

Adam Glenday
Manager, Creative Services
AGCO Corporation