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One of our readers (Don) has sent in some info about his 1958 TO35. Don’s father bought the tractor back in 1964 and in 1978 (11,000 hours) the engine was pulled down for a rebuild. The crankshaft and bearings were all still good after these engine hours, but one of the liners was broken and the pistons and rings were worn.

Don was worked in the toolmaker’s shop and was able to manufacture a new liner from a piece of 4340 heat treated steel. It was interesting to see what had happened by 2007 when the engine was dissmantled again. The first photo below is the liner that was manufactured form the 4340 steel, and the second photo is one of the original cast iron liners.



The 4340 liner had worn .005? in comparison to .001? for the original liner. Clearly the piston and the steel sleeve hadn’t gone well together. The self-machined liner had kept the TO35 going for another 30 years at little cost, so well done Don. It is great to hear the story and see what had happened inside the engine.


Here we can see the big end shells that were replaced in 1978 using the original unground crankshaft.