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I have a ford 4000 diesel, and I want to fit a front blade which has a push pull ram fitted, the tractor has an external hydraulic connection point which operates thru the spool valve fitted from factory, but as I wish to operate a double ram there is no where for the oil to return to the diff housing.

I have bought a double spool valve but the only place I can see a way to return the hydraulic oil is is back thru the filler plug on the rear axle. Is there something I’m missing and would this be ok.

Thanks, Ross Kerle.

Hi Ross,

I’m not that familiar with the 4000, but our neighbour has a Ford 5000 with a similar system fitted at a Ford main dealers to operate his front end loader. This 5000 tractor has the oil return routed back in through the filler cap just as you were thinking and it works fine. So if there is no other obvious return point then I would use the filler plug. The photo below shows the adapted filler cap with the integrated oil return on the Ford 5000.


P.S. The simplest solutions are sometimes the easiest and the best!


Ross says:

April 30th, 2008 at 6:24 pm
Thanks Steve, Your photo saves a thousand words, Its so simple, I was about to do something not as simple or as neat but this is exactly what I wanted to know. I thank you for your time, and when finished I would like to submit a photo for others that have a similar problem. As we love our old tractors, I like the idea of keeping them clean and neat, but continue to use them as a work horse. cheers Ross.

The Vintage Tractor Engineer says:

April 30th, 2008 at 6:56 pm

No problem. It was raining this morning and I was between jobs on the farm so I jumped in the Land Rover and went across to my neighbours’ place. I knew that his tractor was set up like that but I couldn’t quite remember how it had been done exactly.

Glad to be of help. I will be pleased to get the photo of your version of the oil return and will upload it to the website.