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Ian brocklehurst wrote:

Hi, we have a mf 590 and for some reason every now and then it will not start no ignition light. The battery seams OK, but it will not turn over. We have to bump start it; we have charged the battery we have used jump leads but but no go on the key it bump starts with ease in high box.

Could it be the safety switch or is this something you have come across in the past. This is the second time it has happend the, first time we left the tractor on the hill so we could start it and one night we noticed the ignition light had come on and it started straight away. We did not find out why. Six mounths later it has happend again, it will not start it is back on the hill and we will have to dump start it for now.

I hope you can shed some light on this problem for us.

Best regards, Ian

Hi Ian,

The safety start switch has nothing to do with the ignition light. It is more than likely the ignition switch or the connections on the back of the ignition switch.

Or, loose wires and connections on the top of the starter motor or where the engine wiring joins onto the cab (under the bonnet at the cab end – multi connectors).

Or, back of the alternator. Or battery lead connections loose or earth lead from battery to chassis is loose/corroded.

I would start with ignition switch.




Thanks for getting back to me the information helped as I found I damaged wire coming from the back of the starter motor once repaired and I then cleaned all other connection now all works well.

Best regards