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It was a fine day for the 2007 Melbourne ploughing match on the 23rd of September, held by kind permission of M & D I Kemp. 26 competitors were competing with a range of different tractors and ploughs. Visitors came throughout the day to enjoy the sight of the machines and watch the skill of the ploughmen.

A competitor worthy of note was Nick Potter on his Standard Fordson TVO. The Fordson had stood unused for over 30 years before Nick bought the tractor 2 years ago, removed the cylinder head and replaced the gasket. On the second ‘pull’ the tractor stirred back into life and he has been match ploughing with it ever since. Some people would say that the Standard was ready for a paint job (see slide show), but many others would say leave it as it is – down to personal preference I suppose.

The competitors had an enjoyable run out with their tractors and the local farmers, villagers and country folk all came to enjoy the spectacle. Well done to the organisers and long may this friendly event continue. Have you got a report from your local ploughing match? then send in some info about it.

SI says:

September 23rd, 2007 at 8:22 pm
Interesting to read your report. We passed a vintage tractor on a lorry on the M62 tonight and wondered where it had been. It was proudly bearing the number 51, so probably not at Melbourne!