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Today I found myself on YouTube surfing over the tractor videos (something I can spend hours doing if I am not careful!!!). I was looking over the Massey Ferguson 135 videos and it brought back many memories for me.

Above, we see a 135 ploughing with a 2 furrow ferguson plough. Other YouTube videos were of 135’s hay turning, baling, topping, collecting wood and cultivating. It takes me back to my childhood, where my first jobs on a 135 were rotavating, loading soil with the front end loader and also using a MF135 with a Cameron Gardner rear mounted forklift. The Cameron Gardner was fitted to a 135 at a neighbouring field scale salad grower’s nursery where they grew lettuce and leeks. The tractor was superb in the fields for lifting pallets of lettuce plants and cut lettuce, bins of leeks and bags of fertiliser. Too much weight on the back of the forklift certainly made the tractor light on the front end, even with a front weight carrier loaded with old wheel and four stone weights.

It’s not just the noise of that engine which is unforgettable, but the connection to the earth – the driver feels like they are really working on the land and the soil.