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Starter ring gears are often in need of replacement when restoring a vintage tractor. Over time, the leading edge of the gears on the starting ring can become worn to the point that the starter motor cannot always engage effectively and thus it is unable to turn over the engine. This situation requires replacement of the starting ring gear.

Almost all tractor starter ring gears are attached to the flywheel by friction from an interference fit. This relies on the tensile strength of the ring gear and the compressive strength of the flywheel. The photograph (below) shows a worn starter ring fitted to the flywheel of a Perkins engine in comparison to a new ring gear (placed on top for comparative purposes only). The newly fitted starter ring is seen (below, bottom) with the leading edge facing towards the engine when the flywheel is re-fastened to the engine.



Replacing the starter ring is a relatively straightforward job which most people can do. The video below shows you how to do this job. Included in the video is:-

  • Safely and easily remove the old starting ring without damaging the flywheel.
  • Preparing the new ring.
  • Fitting the new ring.