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Ferretman's Dexta

Ferretman's Dexta


My interest started many years ago when I was a little boy in yorkshire, my mum used to work on a farm helping with weeding hoing and potatoe picking and sorting it was hard work for her and her friend who I used to call auntie Margret. I have fond memories of running round the farm and playing in the hay loft but most of all when I used to drive the tractor up and down the field. I was only about 8 Peter would put it into the furrow and set the throttle and I would proudly drive it down the long fields while they all worked behind it was a little grey fergie, not sure which model but the sights and sounds of that time period have stayed with me.

Mum worked at the farm cos she needed to make ends meet as did my auntie Margret; it seemed fun to me but was a means to an end in those early days of the 60s. As I got older I used to work on the fields myself spud picking behind the old fergies and pea picking – kids dont know there born these days but it was a great time.

The nostalgea has stayed with me, I recently went camping in the snowdonia national park as I live in wales now, and the chap that runs the camp had guess what? an old grey fergie to help lug stuff around. We got talking about old times and how things have changed not for the better I think, anyway when I got home i just happened to ask our local farmer if he had an old tractor tucked away and he did. He had an old ford dexta one thing led to another and I got it for restoration the engines in bits front ends all over the yard and I’m hoping to put it together this summer. Its not a fergie but it is old and nostalgic just like me and I’m loving it having a piece of history, I’M COLLECTING LOTS OF IMPLEMENTS FOR IT and I’m gonna use it in my woods – the grandkids are gonna love it.

Anthony working on his Dexta

Anthony working on his Dexta

If you have enjoyed reading this and you have a super dexta give us an email.

Thanks Antony


And YES, Anthony originates from Yorkshire and he keeps ferrets!

Vintage Tractor Engineer says….

Many thanks Ferretman for sending in this story of your childhood tractor momories. It made good reading and took me back to my younger days loading bales with a Fergie, spinning and hand picking potatoes with a Ransomes spinner, leading bales and mucking out. All using a Ferguson.