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The first thing to be aware of when towing off a tractor is that most machines with any hydraulic gear system (e.g. MF 165 with Multipower gearbox) cannot be towed off.

Tow at a reasonable speed on a firm road surface; not on loose surfaces such as gravel as they do not allow sufficient friction to provide the turning power necessary. Only attach the chain on the towing tractor to an approved drawbar. Never attach to the top link position as this can flip the towing tractor.

Place the stop control lever in the ’start’ position, turn on the ignition if necessary and adjust the throttle to half open. Select the highest gear but keep the clutch pedal depressed until the towing vehicle reaches speed. Then release the clutch and after it has started depress the clutch pedal again. Have a good signal procedure between the two drivers so as not to run into the back of the towing vehicle.