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Front Loader Not Lifting And PTO Clutch Setting, Massey Ferguson 35



Found the web site very useful some very good information here, but I can’t find the answer to my particular problem.

I have a MF35 fitted with a mill bucket front loader that we inherited with our small holding. I would like to ask two questions if I may;

The first is regarding the mill bucket, if there is no load on the rear arms the front loader will not lift, I have checked the oil level and that is fine. With a rear load on the arms the front loader works fine, but I think lacks lifting power.

The second question concerns the PTO.

I can engage the live PTO option (lever down) without a problem and the shaft runs continuously however when an implement is coupled to the shaft it becomes impossible to select the live position I get barking of gears and resistance in the leaver. I can however always select the ground speed option (lever up) effortlessly.

I have adjusted the clutch freeplay and turned the idle speed down none of which has helped.

I would like to run implements such as a baler, topper, and cultivator so I need the live PTO option, could you offer advice please?

Many thanks

Pete Ashby

Hi Pete,

First the PTO. You need to take off the bottom inspection plate and adjust the screws, the information you need to do this is on the  MF35 PTO Clutch Adjustment Page.

As for the loader. Does the loader not lift when the arms come to the top (with no weight on them)? – Set the round lever somewhere in the response zone (between fast and slow), then use the square lever to operate the hydraulics.

The hydraulics lacking lifting power could be a whole host of things causing the problem. Probably the pump and control valve that is worn, but not necessarily, have a look at the MF 35 Hydraulics Won’t Lift Information Page and the Hydraulics DVD.

Hope that helps, just let us know if that hasn’t answered your questions.

Steve Ridsdale, VTE

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4 Responses to “Front Loader Not Lifting And PTO Clutch Setting, Massey Ferguson 35”

  1. Hi just started a rebuild on a 57 35 fergie that has had a dogs life, judgeing by the state of everything so far.i was wondering what to do with the cylinder head which has cracked pre combustion chambers………?

    • steve clark
  2. Hi Steven,

    If they are just splintered then I would think that they will be OK. I have regularly seen this before. Our engineer usually just grinds them out slightly, this also helps with starting performance.


    Steve Ridsdale

    • Vintage Tractor Engineer
  3. Hey Steve, I have a 1992 massey 1020. I thought…..just the thermostat housing cracked because of the cold winter we had….so I fixed it today and filled the radiator up with water, and it was holding more water than it shold have….and it wasnt long….water came running out a rubber hose down by the oil pan. I followed that rubber hose..it went to the oil fill resevoir on the valve cover! When I opened that resevoir it was over running with oil/water. I pulled the dipstick, it came shooting out like someone opened a faucet. What does a man do with this? signed, WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GONNA DO!

  4. my 1456 front end loader on my massey ferguson seems to have a problem.the empty bucket raised up on its own and now it won’t come down. the bucket still curls help!

    • diane
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