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Vintage tractor ownership has been a pretty rewarding pastime over recent years. Not only have we gained enjoyment from out tractors, but they have also risen in value. This is true for both vintage and classic tractors, so we must check that insurance taken out some years ago is updated to current prices.

That said, the important thing of course is don’t pay more for your insurance than is necessary. Insurance has always been a competitive industry so shop around for the best deals. Brokers expect to be asked for volume discounts, so ask for reductions if several tractors are to be insured.

The usual problem with mainstream providers is that they have no access to the book values for vintage machinery and so often find it difficult to provide a quote. It is recommended to use one of the specialist vintage / classic brokers who will have packages to suit individual circumstances and will understand the vintage tractor insurance requirements.

Try one of these providers for specialist vintage tractor insurance :-

Cherished Car Insurance

Herts Insurance


Rowett Insurance


Walker Midgley


When taking out insurance, firstly check that your tractor comes within the age criteria (usually a minimum of 25 or 30 years old depending on provider). Implements and trailers are normally included at no extra charge, however some providers stipulate no business use of your machine. Not all policies cover road use, and those that do can have mileage limitations.

Expect to pay no more than £40- £50 for straight forward third party cover, with a slight discount if more than one.  Comprehensive insurance should only cost an extra £20- £25 up to a value of £2500.

Make sure that you get a policy that suits your needs, be they rallies, shows, working demonstrations, road use, agircultural use or social and domestic pleasure.