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When Vintage Tractor Engineer is asked to go and repair a tractor, we were finding that the customer had a perfectly good workshop manual for their tractor (usually a Ferguson or Massey Ferguson). What our customers were telling us, is that the workshop manual didn’t always fully explain how to carry out the repair and so they called in Vintage Tractor Engineer. This seemed to be a shame, as the customers always like to help Vintage Tractor Engineer, see how the job is done and ‘get their hands dirty’ – everyone just loves to tinker about with tractors!

It was for this reason that we started to produce DVD videos of how to do the repairs. The concept been that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ and that people would be able to follow a video with much more confidence that following a workshop manual. For example a workshop manual may say measure the liner stand-out or replace the starting ring gear, but if you’ve never done it before or never seen it done then how are you expected to know how to do it?

So that was it, we started producing step-by-step DVDs of how to carry out the repairs. Many people take their DVD players or laptop computers into the workshop with them and just follow the whole thing through.

If you are going to buy a workshop manual then we would recommend a genuine Ferguson or Massey Ferguson manual as (in our honest opinion) some of the manuals from other publishers don’t contain all the necessary information. Oh, and if you want to make life easy for yourself don’t forget to buy one of our DVD’s as well!

Massey Ferguson 35 Engine Rebuild DVD (4 cylinder diesel)

Massey Ferguson 35 Hydraulics, Troubleshooting And Repair DVD

Ferguson TE20 Hydraulics DVD

Or if you prefer a paper manual then we only sell genuine manuals…

TE20 Workshop Manual

MF35 Workshop Manual