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I have a White 2-45 Field Boss tractor that is 1980’s era.

The main drive clutch and the PTO clutch were replaced last year however the PTO still dosen’t work properly. It seems like the PTO hydraulic clutch pack is not engaging fulley. The PTO spins my tiller however when you put it under load it just stops. Somtimes it engages and then peters out after 30 minuits of use. The drive gear is engaging properly, The hydraulic on off has been rebuilt however it seerms like it still has a hydraulic problem. I have looked over the manual and the only other thing I can check is the master control valve that is located under the rear differential top cover housing. This looks like it is a big job to do. I dont want to spend all the time to get to it, rebuild and reassemble to find out it is not the problemt. Can you shed any light on how I can trouble shoot before I go looking for that needle in the hay stack?

Paul Manfredi

Hi Paul,

I’m not familiar with these tractors. Is the hydraulic lift operating OK and/or does the tractor have 2 hydraulic pumps fitted? One for the lift and another to operate the pto clutch? What I’m thinking is that maybe the lift is working OK, but there could be another hydraulic pump to operate the PTO clutch.

If so, then it could be this pump which is not operating to full pressure. I guess the manual will tell you how to test this pressure. I would test the pressure both when the pto is engaged and also when it is not engaged. If the pressure tests differently when the pto is engaged to when it is not engaged then this would suggest that there is a leak in the clutch pack or the oil pathways to it. If the pressure tests the same for both tests, but is out of the manual’s specified pressure then it is the pump or a leak in the system. If the pressure tests the same for both tests, but is within the manual’s specified pressure, then it would suggest a problem with the firction plates or set up of the new clutch pack. It could be that it is just not adjusted correctly.

You say that the pto runs OK and then peters out after 30 minutes. This could suggest a hydraulic problem somewhere in the system which gets worse as the oil warms up.

The only thing I can think is that maybe a seal on the cylinder that operates the pto clutch has been damaged when it was fitted.

The Vintage Tractor Engineer.


Mark says:

December 6th, 2008 at 1:59 am
Does this tractor have an internal overrunning clutch? I just finished one that had the same type problem. The clutch is in the very bottom of the transmission where the PTO shaft travels thru the transmission. I have pictures of what you are looking for if that will help.