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I have a FE35 and am busy redoing the motor as it was spewing oil. Its a Vaporising oil motor, at least I think so because the carb has a 1578 stamped on it. Is there any other way of identifying the actual motor? I also see the only difference would be the S.R. Jet which is a 80 and on the petrol version is a 70.

Another question is can one drive this tractor on Lead replacement petrol continuously. I have done so since I had the motoe and don’t know if that was the cause for the failure.

And one last question, is the colour scheme Grey Gold or Grey Copper? Here in South Africa it was also known as the “Koperpens” Copperbelly. Mine does actually look more like copper and not gold or bronze.

Thanks for any replies.



The VO, lamp oil and petrol engines are the same basic block (denoted 87mm bore engine. Different carbs are used with varying arrangements of SR jets.

Petrol – Zenith type 28G carb, (3 different versions)
1. C1542 SR jet 70
2. C1575 SR jet 55
3. C1608 SR jet 70

VO or lamp oil version – Zenith type 28G carb
1. C1575 SR jet 55
2. C1578 SR jet 80

The other way to check the engine is through the serial number code. The first letter in the code will be S – standard, V – vineyard or J for industrial. The second letter in the code denotes the engine type G – petrol, H – high altitude petrol, D – 23C diesel, N – 152 Perkins diesel, K – vapourising oil, L – lamp oil. The 3rd letter in the code denotes the clutch type F – single clutch, M – dual clutch. The serial number is on the plate on the dash pannel.

The VO and lamp oil engine are fitted with a thermostat to provide a hotter engine than for petrol only, this assists in the vapourising of the heavier fuel. If running on petrol only we would suggest making sure it has the correct petrol thermostat fitted. The thermostat fitted to ordinary petrol engines is 65-67 deg (stamped on the thermostat). VO and lamp oil engines it will be a 95 deg C thermostat.

So maybee you have been running on petrol with the incorrect thermostat and the engine has been getting too hot? Also remember that VO has a lubricating effect, wheras petrol doesn’t. Also, if you are using petrol all the time, remember that there is no need for the heat vapourising shield over the manifolds.

We think that you should be able to use both lead free or lead replacement petrol as the cylinder head is cast iron. The problems only occur when an engine has an aluminium head with no hardened valve seat inserts.

I’m afraid paintwork isn’t our thing, but I have also been led to believe that they left the factory in a copper colour.

Recipes for Tractor Vaporising Oil.


Hope the info helps.

Steve. VTE.

Dave Mann says:

May 3rd, 2008 at 5:17 pm
Please could someone tell me the correct colour of the fuel tank and radiator grille for Fe35 grey and gold.

The Vintage Tractor Engineer says:

May 6th, 2008 at 4:49 pm
Hi Dave,

The grill should be grey. As for the fuel tank, I believe it should be also be grey.

Another thing to note is that the wheel nuts should be grey.