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Hi there,

I have contacted you in the past and your information was very helpful. I am having a problem with water in the oil and don’t know how to get it out of the hydraulics can you give me any ideas.


Brenton Bain

Hi Brenton,

Is it milky?

You will have to let the oil out and change it. There are 2 drain plugs. The oil in the rear transmission is the same reservoir for the gearbox and the hydraulics. Filler next to main gear lever.

Over the years they get condensation in this oil, or if the gear lever rubbers are split/perished.

The manual suggests changing this oil annually because of the condensation. In fact the less often the tractor is used then the greater the problem and more often the oil needs chaging.

Steve, VTE

Thanks for your reply yes the oil is milky. Can you tell me how to bleed the lines.

Thanks again

Brenton Bain

Hi Brenton,

Because the lift cylinder is built with metal rings (similar to piston rings) any air will automatically escape as the system is used. Therefore there is no need to bleed the hydraulic system after changing the oil. The pump will also automatically re-prime itself.