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I wandered if you could help me. I am lookinf for the piston protrusion height for a Standard 23C engine fitted to my Ferguson FE35 tractor. Also, do you know how many degrees before top dead centre before start of injection.

Many thanks, Jeffrey Samuelsen.

Hi Jeffrey,

Afraid we haven’t got a figure for the piston protrusion height.

As for the degrees before TDC for start of injection it depends on the pump you have. For CAV DPA pumps without light-load advance is 19 degrees before TDC.

For CAV DPA pumps with light-load advance there are 2 pumps……

Pump DPA3242643 – 13 degrees before TDC
Pump DPA3242645 – 13 degrees before TDC

However, it should be understood that the initial setting using the ‘G’ mark inside the injector pump and the flywheel timing pin hole (when following the manufacturers timing instructions) will provide an injection timing of 17 degrees before TDC. Therefore you will need to adjust it from this point. Under no circumstances should the injection timing be advanced further than 19 degrees before TDC.


Steve, VTE